Building Futures Academy


"Creating a foundation for future success"


embracing a diverse and innovative environment that recognizes individuality, and instilling ethics, honesty and integrity through everyday actions.

We at Building Futures Academy
We at Building Futures Academy
expect everyone to:
High expectations
maximize potential and
promote success
Challenge his/her potential
Learning never ends Develop life goals and plans
Everyone has the right to
experience personal
Assume responsibility
for personal success
In providing a physical
emotionally safe environment
Respect one another,
him/her self and the community
Every individual can
contribute positively to society
Be professional at all times
Every individual is important Perform at their best ability
Empowerment grows out
of life experiences
Seek life experiences that
promote critical thinking
and problem solving skills
Unity is a powerful force Serve and build
relationships within the

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YouthBuild San Joaquin is an equal 
opportunity employer program. 
Auxiliary aids & services are available upon 
request to individuals with disabilities. 
This program is funded (75%) through a 
Federal award  of  $1.1 million from the 
U.S. Department of Labor.