Traci Florence

In 1992 I became employed with the SJCOE as a teacher’s aid for its new one. Program and found my passion! Shortly thereafter, I graduated from CSU, Stanislaus with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a concentration in English. I then earned my Single Subject English Credential from Chapman University and I was on my way. In 2008 I received my M.Ed. in Education Administration from Grand Canyon University.

In the 1990’s the one. Program grew exponentially and I worked and opened over 20 high schools from Lodi to Manteca. I’ve had many opportunities to grow professionally, from writing thematic curriculum, to training with the Strategic Literacy Initiative and the Great Valley Writing Project. One of my proudest moments in the one. Program was witnessing some of my Academic Decathlon team members receive multiple medals against some of our local traditional schools! What my students learned about themselves from AD was beyond measure. I always ask myself, What do I want for my students? I want them to experience happiness, joy, to feel accomplished, and to know they can succeed in this crazy world.  

I left the one. Program, became a certified Career Development Facilitator (2003), and worked with one. students; I found my next passion! I missed the classroom and returned to the one. Program. Later, my teaching team and I wrote a proposal for a Career and Technical high school and I left the one. Program to launch imagineIT with the Venture Academy Family of Schools. I returned to one. again to teach at one. HOPE, then went to the new one. Charter Performing Arts School from which I retired.  I never really retired!! I long-termed subbed for one. , Lincoln Unified, and Venture, and after 3 years of having fun, knew I missed teaching. I kept seeing the BFA English teaching job posted, knew it was a perfect fit for me, and applied; I’m officially unretired and it’s awesome here!